Confidence Issue: Bel Crawford

In one of our favourite confidence issue pieces we were lucky enough to interview Bel. You’d recognise her voice instantly from her time at ZM & recently through The Self Love Club Podcast. Bel has a passion for helping people and creating a space where women feel self worth, self respect & best of all – self love. You’ve heard her interview inspiring ladies, and now we felt it was time to interview the girl boss herself! 

Who is Bel? Tell us about yourself!

My full name is Annabel Ruby Crawford, but known as Bel! I’m 30, I’ve worked in radio for 11 years and I’m originally from Wellington. I’ve have moved a lot for my career- currently in my 6th city. I honestly didn’t properly value myself until I was 29. It was a process of learning to love myself before that and when I went through a break-up when I was 29 something clicked or aligned. I thought f*** this, I’m not going to focus on things that aren’t worth it anymore. I’m gonna start publishing my writing and then I started The Self-Love Club

What’s the best thing you’ve learnt so far from doing The Self-Love Podcast?

I’ve learnt so much through this little passion project of mine. I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that if you have an idea just start doing it. I think a lot of the time we try to create something we think is going to work and be a hit but this literally was a project I started working on in my bedroom and it’s grown from there into a top rating podcast with an incredible community of women. I am so blown away by it! I never expected this at all, but I’m so happy that I worked out how I can help people, and this is it. By creating something I wish I had growing up and a safe space for women to grow and up their self-love and self-care game.

Who inspires you?

So many people! I find that really hard to narrow down to specific people. All of the women I interview inspire me too. I think I’m most inspired by entrepreneurs, when someone creates something that fascinates me and also when people are able to overcome and rise from trauma and hardship, that is truly boss.

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What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence is feeling comfortable in who you are and knowing what you’re capable of doing. It’s not arrogance, it’s a down to earth belief in yourself.

What do you find hard about staying confident? How do you try to deal with it?

It can be so hard  because we all have moments where we doubt ourselves. I deal with it by telling myself you’ve got this, I talk to myself a lot internally but it honestly helps. Feel the fear and do it anyway! This is often where you grow the most and achieve epic things.

What advice would you give your younger self if you knew what you know now about the importance of self-love/confidence?

Oh my goodness there is so much I wish I could tell my younger self, but in saying that I learnt what I did so I can better understand and help others. Self-love and confidence is something I had to work on and grow myself, like we all do. I doubted myself a lot, I didn’t think I was good enough. I would tell myself to back myself, not to worry so much about what others think of me, and that I AM good enough. I believed a lot of unkind and hurtful things people told me, I took it all on board as a sensitive and self-critical empath.

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What empowers you as a woman?

I’m really really hard on myself so I have to say I feel most empowered in those moments of freedom from doing that. When I’m in my zone and creating, doing what I do whether it be on the radio, my podcast, writing and feeling that power within myself. It empowers me when I’m able to empower other women if that makes sense, women empower me!


What is your go-to piece of clothing that always makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day?

Ooh I basically live in what I call activewear chic. Active wear tights or trackies with a baggy vintage band or Anine Bing tee, sneakers and a faux fur jacket. Just makes me feel comfortable and happy. I also feel good when I put my leather jacket on and also my signature red lipstick. Something about it makes me feel fierce which sounds lame. I think it’s epic when you feel powerful within yourself.


What is your favourite TBC piece and why?

As a bit of a former goth (not actually but I’ve worn a lot of black) I LOVE playing with colour especially bright colours. Pinks, greens, reds. I love the Tropicana Midi which I’ve actually worn before and love the colour, and also the Satin Silk Champagne set which is super cute and chic.

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