Confidence Issue: Carmen Huter

This week in our confidence issue we catch up with Carmen Huter. Carmen is an inspiring full time travel blogger who encourages us to all be a curious explorer. Her passion for Mother Nature and sustainability is uplifting and contagious. This week we chat to her about wellbeing, love and turning your phone off!

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Who is Carmen Huter?

I am a 25-years young travel photographer. I am born in Austria, came to New Zealand first seven years to learn English and have called Aotearoa home since. I am passionate about sustainability, adventure, brilliant food, and my loved ones. (Yes, I may have considered adding Harry Potter to this list…)

How did you get into photography and travel blogging?

It happened very much by chance. I used to be that kid in school, who’d say ‘creativity is not for me’ or ‘I’m just not talented creatively’. Deep down, I always knew that wasn’t the truth, but I was too afraid to define myself. Many years later, I then went on to study Commerce here in New Zealand and would work three jobs during the year so that I could afford travel during our summer break. I’d go – mostly by myself – all over South America, China, Indonesia, Australia, you name it – that’s when I fell in love with seeing the places I would usually read about in a book or see in a documentary. It felt like I stepped inside my much-loved atlas and a whole lot of creativity – slowly but surely – came with it. In my last year of university, I then decided to do something about my creative urge. I have always loved fashion, so I started a fashion blog. I soon realised my heart wasn’t in the industry, so I very slowly shifted into travel blogging. After what felt like a rollercoaster of a few years, I now am a full-time travel photographer. 

How has self-confidence impacted your journey and your travels?

Travelling on your own, especially off the beaten path, requires you to take responsibility and stand up for yourself. Not everyone you will come across has your absolute best interest at heart, so being able to follow my intuition and trust myself has without a doubt been the number one reason why I not only enjoyed my adventures so much but also why I always came back in one piece. 😉


What does confidence mean to you and how do you approach this in your everyday life?

To me, confidence means accepting and loving the whole me; from my deepest thoughts to the way my skin appears. Confidence implies wellbeing. I quite literally think about confiding love, trust and respect within myself, over and over again. I approach it as a constant source of learning.

What knocks your confidence down and how do you deal with this?

PMS is high up on that list. Who can relate? Haha! Other than that, it depends. Hardly any week of my year is alike, which is exciting, but it also means my physical and mental health are subject to constant change. Said change can be for the better or the worse. I find being at home, being able to exercise regularly, cooking my own meals, and surrounding myself with positive people has the most significant impact on my confidence levels. Things that can knock my confidence, especially when I’m on the road, are lack of sleep (photographer life), loneliness, lack of exercise or time spent outdoors, and extreme stress levels. I deal with them by slowing down my work life where- and whenever I can, spending time outside, reading, meditating, talking to my friends. Turning my phone off is always a good one, too. 🙂

What empowers you as a woman?

My rights. My freedom. My heart.

What piece of clothing do you feel confident to take on the world in?

Blue jeans and a white shirt will do. In saying that, I love me a good suit or midi dress option. Emerald green, maybe?
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Do you think your style has evolved as you’ve become more confident within yourself?

100%. There’s nothing quite like self-love as an accessory.

What advice would you give to our customers about self-confidence and believing in themselves? 

Focus on within; your intentions, your thoughts, your dreams. They matter. Act upon them. Ultimately, our life is as good as our mindset. Yes, this might sound cliche, but believe me, I’ve been there. A good ten years of my childhood and teenage years were spent in a very dark place. I know what it’s like not to have anyone believe in you. Remember; you are enough. You were born to be real, not to be perfect. You’ve got this.

What’s your favourite piece from The Borrowed Collective & why?

borrowed the Miss Crabb Rise dress a while ago and loved the way the fabric felt on my skin, so light and soft.

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