Confidence Issue: Tailor Skincare – Sara Quilter

Sara Quilter is the mastermind behind Tailor Skincare, a range of natural skincare “tailored” to fit and offer endless benefits to any skin type. Not only does it feel amazing on your skin, but offers to nourish the skin from the inside & out. And who doesn’t feel more confident when their skin feels beautiful? We interviewed Sara this week on her road to becoming the successful entrepreneur she is today, who started from her Fathers shed in Wellington with a Kenwood Cake Mixer & rubber spatula.

Who is Sara Quilter? 

Who am I? I wear so many hats, I’m a dog mum who loves yoga, bad 90’s hits and singing in the car. I’m also a passionate, driven, hard working entrepreneur. I LOVE natural skincare and thrive on helping my customers build their confidence by restoring their skin health.

What does confidence mean to you?

When we have the confidence to be our authentic selves. This to me is true beauty.

What empowers you as a woman?

I’m also empowered by my regular mindfulness practice. It’s not daily but I do practice often. Just like happiness, confidence is a choice. It may appear to come easier to some, but you have the choice to be confident or not.

What knocks your confidence down and how do you deal with that?

Honestly, when I have a big fat breakout on my face. Yes, I still breakout and my skin is not perfect all the time. My confidence get’s knocked back but I tell myself I’m breaking out for a reason. It may be something internal (dietary) or stress. So I take some me time, which usually involves a cup of tea, some yoga, a Tailor Polish Mask or some sort of trashy TV show and relax.

How has confidence helped with the start and running of Tailor Skincare?
Interesting, because at first I didn’t have the confidence to go out and pitch to shop owners face to face so I hid behind Facebook and began my business online. Over the last 5 years I’ve really worked on my confidence and now I have no issue chatting with anyone or to any group size. To me confidence is something which can be boosted by the people you’re with, the look of your skin and the posture you hold. However if you don’t practice it, just like any skill, it won’t develop. So I’d say I haven’t always been confident, it’s something I’ve chosen to practice over and over again because it’s important to me.

What advice would you give our customers about self confidence and believing in themselves?

Confidence does not happen over night. It’s something you choose to practice and eventually your confidence will grow and develop. I also believe confidence is not something which is measurable during times of success. True confidence is measured by how gracefully you fail and pick yourself back up and try again with the same confidence in yourself. Because you’re going to fail – a lot! And thats okay because it’s just one more failure before you win! But if you don’t have the confidence to keep going you’re not going to get there. So choose to be confident and practice it as you would any other skill.

What piece of clothing makes you feel confident to take on the world?

Honestly….black yoga pants. If I’m not comfortable at work, I don’t get anything done. I wear yoga pants every single day and take on the world one task at a time. That said I LOVE slipping into a cute cocktail dress and getting my hair done. Currently obsessed with this  and this.

What women inspire you?

My mum (of course) because she’s been my biggest supporter. Marie Forleo – LOVE Marie TV, Sophia Amoruso the ultimate #girlboss and my friend Emily Ghallager – who’s a complete rockstar and runs her own biz called Conscious Boss Clique.

What’s your favourite piece out of The Borrowed Collective and why?

It has to be this one because I LOVE it, but wouldn’t think to invest in purchasing something like this. I’d want to borrow it for a special occasion like a product launch or awards ceremony. I think that’s what’s great about the Borrowed Collective, it gives you the wardrobe of your dreams without the price tag.

Thanks so much Sara! Photos credit to: