Confidence Issue: Tarryn Davey

This week in our confidence issue we catch up with Black Sticks defender, Tarryn Davey. Tarryn is a hard working, ambitious women who strives for excellence in everything she does. Her motivation and drive is infectious to everyone around her. Playing for New Zealand and winning the Commonwealth Games as well becoming a pharmacist, Tarryn talks to us about being comfortable in your own skin, being your own harshest critique and following your passion…


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Who is Tarryn Davey?

I’m a 23 year old who loves spending time with friends and family, being at the beach and playing sport. I am also a soon-to-be pharmacist and I am a current member of the national women’s hockey team, the Black Sticks.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue hockey further?

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to achieve some big goals in sport. I love sport, the elements of being part of a team, the limits you push yourself to mentally and physically, as well as the feeling of accomplishment and achievement when you achieve something you worked so hard for. I did many sports growing up, including both athletics and hockey quite competitively. The progression into hockey was more gradual as I started being selected for more teams and tournaments. After I had been to the Junior World Cup at the end of 2017, I debuted for the Black Sticks, and it was a taster for me and a real driver to wanting to continue to pursue hockey. Now, having been to both the Commonwealth Games and the Hockey World Cup last year, I know I want to keep striving to achieve more goals in hockey.

What does confidence mean to you & how do you approach this in your everyday life?

To me, confidence means being happy in your own skin, no matter what others think of you or how they perceive you. Also, not comparing yourself to others and being able to live your own goals and passions without worrying how it compares to others and what they may think of you. Knowing what makes me happy and knowing what is my ‘why’, really helps me stay confident in myself and the life I am living.
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What knocks your confidence down & how do you deal with this?

One of the main things that knocks my confidence is criticism – both from others and from myself. I can be quite hard on myself and so if I am then criticised by someone else as well, this can make it worse. However, I try to view these situations as learning opportunities and remind myself of what I am good at and give myself some positive talk (as cringey as it sounds it actually works).

What empowers you as a woman?

Seeing other women achieve their goals, following their passions and absolutely crushing it (a huge example is Ash here at TBC – boss woman 101). Also, seeing women that are happy in their own skin and can feel confident to be 100% themselves. Also knowing that we can achieve anything we set our minds to. We have so many awesome opportunities in this world, and only one lifetime to make the most of them, so you may as well embrace it while you can.

What piece of clothing do you feel confident to take the world on in?

It changes. At the moment, it would be my black mid-length silk skirt paired with a casual cotton tee. But without fail, you can always rely on a good pair of jeans to make you feel bangin’.

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Do you think your style has evolved as you’ve become more confident within yourself?

Definitely. I think we can all relate to when we were growing up and trying to ‘fit in’ with what everyone else around us was wearing. As I have grown up and become more comfortable in myself and my own sense of style, if I like a piece of clothing and I think it looks good, I’ll wear it. I don’t overthink it.

What women inspire you?

My mum is a huge inspiration for me. She is so hard working, kind and compassionate. She always puts others first and is so selfless. I also have many women sporting inspirations that I look up to in that respect, as well as most of the other women in my life (honestly!).

What advice would you give to our customers about self-confidence & embracing themselves for who they really are?

As cheesy as it sounds, there is only one you. If everyone in the world were the same, it would be a super boring place. Believe in yourself, know that if you want to achieve something, work hard and you will be able to. But don’t get too down on yourself if it doesn’t work out. At the end of the day, it’s just as important to make sure you’re enjoying the process and making the most of the journey. Live in the moment and really appreciate how lucky we are.

Stop comparing yourself to others (get off social media for a bit – honestly it’s super refreshing). As selfish as it sounds, at the end of the day, your happiness and self-belief should come first. Take some time to figure out what and who makes you confident, happy and fulfilled and do more of these things, and surround yourself with more of those people. And have fun!

What’s your favourite piece from TBC and why?

The Tropicana Midi because I wore it to the Halbergs Sports Awards (my first time attending) and it was a really special evening – as well as a gorgeous dress!

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