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TBC Behind The Scenes

Here at TBC, we try to make our process as simple as possible. You find your dream dress to rent, book it, wait for it to arrive on your doorstep, you try it on and then wear it to your event. But have you ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes? 

As soon as you book a garment with us, we get to work on prepping your item for you. Sometimes this means waiting for it to arrive back from the customer who enjoyed it before you, and then getting it cleaned – or sometimes it’s as simple as us grabbing it off the rack. We steam or press every single item before it goes out, and we fold everything in a way that’s going to minimise creases as much as we can. As a hot tip from us, if your dress ever arrives with a crinkle or two – try hanging it up in the bathroom while you have a hot shower. The steam will straighten it right out!


When you receive your garment, you’ll find it wrapped in our custom TBC tissue paper. Sustainability is important to us, and that’s why we are proudly part of Noissue’s eco-packaging Alliance. Every time we order a fresh batch of tissue paper, a tree is planted on our behalf in deforested areas across the world. This initiative has helped plant more than 22,000 trees worldwide, and is actively helping to tackle the climate crisis. Holding the tissue paper together are our custom stickers. We love to support local, so our pretty-in-pink paper stickers are printed by a nearby Auckland business StickerDot.

packaging blog
packaging blog
packaging blog

With each and every rental, you’ll find your rental agreement. Our boomerang rental cards supply you with all the information you need – including when your dress is due back to us and how to care for your garment while it’s in your care. To ensure these cards have the longest life possible, we do ask that you send these back to us so that they can be used again and again


Finally, we use recycled courier bags to send our garments back and forth. Not only are these bags durable and keep your garment safe while it’s on the move, but they can also be reused over and over. This in turn stops plastic filling up landfills, and helps to protect our beautiful planet. 


We also offer an optional carbon click option at checkout. For just $2, clicking the green button helps to fund projects with local and global impacts to increase biodiversity, eliminate pollution and reduce the carbon in the earths atmosphere. Don’t forget that you’re also doing your bit! By renting with us, you’re reducing fashion waste by sharing with others and extending the wear of garments. You can find out more about how revolving wardrobes are part of a more sustainable future here.

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