Closet Clearout

How many times do you find yourself thrashing around through your wardrobe thinking, “Gosh I should really sort this – I can never find anything to wear!?” Yet every time you try and do a declutter you end up with the same pile of “oh maybe I’ll wear that one day?”. Resulting in you getting stuck with the same wardrobe full of clothes that either get worn to death or are barely touched. 

Having a hobby of collecting clothes since before I can remember has meant that I’ve spent many, many hours doing this very thing. I soon learnt from a young age the value of sorting through my wardrobe every season and having a decent clean out. Though at the time, my only real purpose was to make way for all the shiny new things I could add in to replace the items I was just about to break up with.

Oh how things have changed…

These days, my clothes collection is small and curated, which as a result is very loved. Getting dressed is easier as everything works together or at least has 3 different options of being worn. I also know that it’s easy to add different items (how many ways can you wear a basic white tee?) Not only does having a capsule wardrobe mean being a little more organised, but it also encourages you to be a lot more mindful when you shop.

Thinking a bit harder when you’re shopping about how something will fit in your wardrobe means that you buy less things that you will only wear once or not at all. I’ve found this also means everything I have has a purpose for hanging there. Because I love it and it makes me feel good when I wear it. 

It sounds superficial, but there’s something to be said about wearing something that makes you feel good and in turn confident. I know you know what I mean. I see it when your eyes light up when you beautiful ladies come for try-ons and find “The One”. The dress that when you look in the mirror you stand a little taller & smile at the woman in the mirror smiling back at you. 

In order to get to this organised state, there is a little bit of prep work involved! To make things easier, we’ve put together a cheeky checklist to make it as simple as possible and you may even find it a little therapeutic! 

Stand back and admire your beautifully curated capsule wardrobe! Effortless, beautiful and full of pieces you love that make you feel good. And for the times you need something with a little extra sparkle for a one-off occasion? Your revolving wardrobe is one click away. 

Found a few items that you used to love but don’t get the wear they deserve anymore? Share them with us and let those beautiful pieces be loved by someone else without having to commit to saying goodbye forever. Find out how here.

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