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Our mission when we created The Borrowed Collective was to be an accessible solution to allow NZ ladies to wear designer pieces at an affordable price. Giving our community the ability to access a “revolving wardrobe” and always have something new to wear without it costing your wallet or the planet. Designer Renting is such an amazing concept that ticks so many boxes.

This mission is still somewhat the same, but along the way we have found a passion in getting the most wear out of our wardrobes as we can and avoiding landfill as much as possible. You could say we are on a mission to try and make fashion a little more circular. Outfit recycling is even a cool thing these days as it proves we aren’t into single use anymore! Nothing makes us happier than seeing how this is working for you ladies – we love seeing customers renting the same piece twice because they love it so much! Plus that still means your wearing something more than once without paying the retail value of it.


The ultimate goal in our minds is to have the lifestyle of being able to live out of our everyday capsule wardrobe and head to our “revolving wardrobe” for those times when you don’t want to be seen in the same thing twice. Or, more importantly, you just need something a little extra special!


We are all slowly learning the art of avoiding throwing things out that we don’t use or even holding on to things we don’t use. We all know how cleansing a closet clear out can be! But what about those special pieces you own that you wear maybe once or twice a year? Or maybe you loved them so much you need a refresh but can’t bear to part with forever? We all have those pieces that hold sentimental value. You may even know you’ll have an occasion to wear it to in the future! 


Our consignment service came to fruition late last year when a customer who was trying to sell a piece asked if we would rent it for her instead of buying it and quickly realised she could make a lot more money than she would on selling, plus she didn’t have to do a thing –  just send us her item and sit back waiting for her monthly payment to come in! Consigning is the best and easiest way to monetise your wardrobe and continue the life cycle of your designer pieces. 

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But don’t just take our word for it. A few of our members who consign had this to say about our service:

“I enjoy the convenience you guys provide and love that it takes all the admin out of personally renting out a dress. It means items, such as mine, that perhaps would not get snapped up on generic groups are being seen on rental sites and subsequently worn!”

– Mckenzie

"I've absolutely loved consigning some of my wardrobe with The Borrowed Collective, I had quite a few nice designer 21st type dresses that have just been sitting in my wardrobe unused, and I decided to approach TBC about their consignment service. It is so easy and simple, I just get to sit back and get paid every month for my dresses, and I love scrolling on Instagram and seeing them being worn by some girls on their Insta page. TBC makes the process so simple and easy, and it's a win-win for anyone with a nice wardrobe that they don't utilise enough! Couldn't recommend it more."

– Lucie

“I love consigning because I like the idea of sharing my gorgeous dresses with other girls and because I’m a uni student who cannot afford to buy new dress on every occasion, borrowing or renting a dress is probably the best option. As well as earning a little from my own dresses.“

– Sunisa

“Very easy and straight forward.”

– Te Wai

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So if you've got some new designer items that don't get as much love as they deserve - then start earning money and join the sharing economy today!

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