Race Day Ready

Preparing for the glitz, glamour and fashion of New Zealand Racing – What a fantastic opportunity to dress up and feel fabulous! With many spring Race Days fast approaching it’s time to start planning those stylish outfits.

Although a Race Day outing may cry money, money, money – there’s no need to over-spend on an elaborate out fit you may only wear once, when you have the option to borrow from us for a fraction of the price. With many gorgeous, formal pieces on our website you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here is some fashion advice to consider when planning your ensemble! 

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Race Day etiquette is expected to be formal. It’s all about class and elegance at these events. With longer hemlines being the traditional style, contemporary fashion allows for adaptations. Therefore the perfect, mini can look just as sophisticated – such as the ‘Aurelie Embroidered Jumpsuit’. Or if you’re looking for something more femme, the ‘Ischia Mini Dress’. If you’re sticking to tradition, some classic midis include the ‘Cortona Midi’, the ‘Bonita Tie’ or the ‘Tasha Midi’.

Race Day fashion is bold because it is generally a daytime event therefore brighter tones are encouraged. So don’t be afraid to stand out and take this opportunity to wear a style or colour, outside of your usual look. Turn heads in the ‘Power Lady Dress’ or the red ‘Immediacy Dress’.

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Accessories – an absolute must at the races! While these will polish off your outfit, you still want your dress to be the statement. So keep accessories simple and refined, making sure that they match your outfit to keep things harmonious. A small set of earrings and small clutch or side bag – so that nothing takes away from the dress. Add a fascinator or wide brimmed hat depending on the formalities of the race meet.

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Last but not least, complete your glamorous look with sophisticated hair and make-up. If you’re aiming for a more contemporary look, a slick pony is a perfect addition to you outfit. Loose waves are forever timeless for a more classic look. When it comes to make-up, simple is best. Keep things super chic with a red lip, but make sure that it’s cohesive with the rest of your outfit. Keep in mind that it will be a daytime event, so prepare for the sun! Always apply SPF before your foundation to look after yourself inside and out. And who knows, you may have saved yourself some money on the dress – so why not treat yourself and get your hair or make-up done professionally!

Whichever outfit you choose, make sure that you’re comfortable and that you wear it with confidence! Have fun while planning your outfit and embrace this opportunity to dress up to the nines and put your best foot forward. And good luck betting ladies!

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