Rent for a week

Love the idea of having a revolving wardrobe, but feel like you have everything to wear but nowhere to go? Think again.

The beauty of your revolving wardrobe is not only so you have something different to wear for an exciting event, but also to continuously wear something new without having to buy a single thing.


Bottomless Brunch with the girls never felt more fun in a flirty piece from your revolving wardrobe. 

The Zimmermann Wrap is always our go-to for a look that’s equally effortless & beautiful.
You’ll leave brunch feeling full of mimosa’s & pancakes but like you’re wearing a silk robe! 

The In Your Dreams Midi is the perfect date to brunch!
With a wrap at the front and adjustable sleeves, pair this with your favourite white sneakers and you’ll be insta worthy in no time!


When you need to rehash the day/night before with your favourite girlfriends, why not do it in something that’s comfortable and makes you look amazing! 

Realisation Par nail comfortable-chic. One of the best things about the Iggy Dress? There are no zips!
Roll out of bed, chuck your hair up and pull the Iggy on with a vintage jersey or tee and you’re ready for your first caffeine hit of the day. 

Let the Ozzie do the talking. Pair this little green number with sneakers & a denim jacket and you’re good to go.
The Ozzie is amazing when you’re time poor (or can’t be bothered making a fuss) but still want to look nice in a flattering outfit!
We told you you’d thank us for having this in your revolving wardrobe.


Have enough to worry about with Monday morning meetings without having to organise what to wear that day either?
Realisation Par strikes again with the easy option that makes you look and feel ready to take on the day! 

We obsess over our Naomi Skirt and we know you girls do too.
This silk beauty makes you look put together and on trend, when in reality it took you two seconds to pull up and pair with your favourite t-shirt on rotation.
Have something on Monday you need to look super put together for?
Pair this look with a simple black heel.


Job interview? Meeting with an important client where you need to make a good impression?
We love mixing a mini with a blazer! Business on the top, your personality on the bottom! 

We chose the Goldie Mini for this occasion as we love the causal texture mixed with the colour blocking to create an interesting look!
Combined with a blazer, this look creates an image that’s sophisticated but not taken too seriously. 


That midweek meeting showing or work dinner where you find yourself once again having absolutely no clue what to wear.
Have an evening event you want to turn heads at?

Our Love Crush Mini is perfectly paired for Winter with a sheer mesh long sleeve underneath & boots.
This floral textured mini is designed to make an impression! 

We love a dress that’s party in the back.
Pair the Texture Fit Mini with a leather jacket and be ready to go if the night takes a turn and you’re out much later than expected!


Sometimes you just get a little over all your clothes currently hanging in your closet at home.
Date night is the perfect excuse to use your revolving wardrobe to put on something to feel a little special in. 

Whether it’s with your boyfriend, flat mate or best friend, date night is always something to look forward to!
The Valentine mini will give you an extra reason to be excited and will also make you feel like you’re even closer to the weekend! 


You made it! One more week done and it’s already the weekend again. 

Grab your girls or your work colleagues and get your favourite heels on!
Reusable bags? Also the perfect way to transport your wine to tonight’s BYO! 

We can never get past the Analisa Polka Dot Mini when we feel like dancing till the sun is on it’s way up.
This flirty little number is complete with polka dots, ruffles and red! 

Feeling a bit sassy? The Little Something Something is the ideal LBD.
Mini, structured and flatters your body while you boogie all night long! 

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