Confidence Issue: Brand Babes Studio – Alarice Stuart

In our journey to building our self confidence, nailing our goals and creating the best life possible each day, every gal needs a little inspo. A little inspo, a dreamy aesthetic and some kick ass mottos reminding ourselves what we are truly about.

Alarice from Brand Babes Studio is one kick ass gal who sends positive girl power vibes into our life everyday. Not only is her story super inspiring, but it also can give us strength to build our wildest dreams – living for yourself.

Who is Alarice Stuart?

She is a design obsessed solo mum constantly planning and dreaming of her next travel destination with her overly active toddler while judging mum life and running a full time freelance graphic design business.

What made you want to be involved in the branding world?

It’s not some much the “branding world” per say as I think we live in a brand centric world so whether we like it or not we are all involved in the branding world. It’s more so that coming up with the idea of working with small biz babes to create killer brands stemmed from a gap in the market. So many woman are starting businesses and running one woman shows – but there just didn’t seem to be that design business that was hitting the nail on the head.

What does confidence mean to you and how do you approach this in your everyday life?

I think confidence is something that needs to be worked on – its a skill not something people wake up with. Confidence and self awareness go hand in hand. Know your flaws, your strengths and your weaknesses but so focused on doing you that it all just doesn’t matter. I approach it everyday with a deep breath, gratitude and “babe, you got this!” type of attitude.

What empowers you as a woman?

Being a woman in itself is empowering. We are such majestic creatures! Like seriously we really can do it all – grow humans, birth them, raise them, some of us raising them on our own, run a business, keep your eyebrows on fleek, hair did, nails did , geez what else right?!

What knocks your confidence down and how do you deal with that?

Disappointing others – its a hard one. Like if a client is not happy. It’s a damn hard pill to swallow. Just got to remember you can’t please everyone and be ok with that.

How has confidence helped you with quitting your corporate job and starting your own business?

It made me go all in! Like being totally scared but completely getting rid of the “what if” and turning it into “the time is now, babe”

Do you see your role with Brand Babes Studio helping empower other women? If so, how?

I hope so! I share my story a lot about how I am a solo mum who lost her job and then moved back home to New Zealand and started my business because I know that if I had heard a story like that a year ago I would have been so inspired! We have to share our stories – even if it only inspires one person.

What advice would you give our customers about self confidence and believing in themselves, embracing themselves for who they really are?

 There really is only one of you! That truly is your power. Believe that we all have a purpose and that you will find yours. Be confident in that – in you!

What piece of clothing makes you feel confident to take on the world?

I love a good hat – it can make you got from “Basic” to “Babe!” in all of two seconds.

Do you think your style and the way you dress has evolved as you have become more confident within yourself?

Yes! Totally! I wear whatever I want – how I want – whenever I want. Because I am so comfortable in who I am.

What women inspire you?

I was raised by two strong woman – my mum and grandma. Like seriously they are the definition of GirlBoss for way back when that life didn’t even exist. These days it wouldn’t be so Odd but think about it like this – it’s the 90s and two working woman are raising one really full on girl. Taking her to swimming lessons, computer lessons and then immigrating from South Africa to New Zealand.

What’s your favourite piece out of The Borrowed Collective and why?

Talulah Staccato Contrast Jumpsuit – because how can you not feel confident in a black jumpsuit?


You can find Alarice’s business on Instagram here or on her website xx