Fast Fashion, Renting & Environmental Sustainability

Why renting a dress is not only good for your budget but good for the world…

Sustainability is now a global phenomenon because we are increasingly recognising the impact our consumption is having on the environment, the working conditions of many people around the world, and our own financial situation. Fashion is typically considered a driver of consumption, with deliberate premature obsolescence. The current practice of “fast fashion” where fashion cycles have become increasingly fast paced and some sectors of the industry have adopted unsustainable production and delivery techniques to satisfy demand and increase profit margins has led to unethical pressure on environmental and social welfare. The demand from consumers is driven by a desire to create their own identity, to be ‘fashionable’, and to keep up with the ever-changing imagery the fashion industry manufactures, and unfortunately this sometimes outweighs the consumer’s desire to be ethical and sustainable in their own lives. However, renting a dress from The Borrowed Collective means that you are not buying a dress that will only be used by you once or twice before disposing of it, you are able to keep up with the latest fashion without your own wardrobe becoming obsolete as fashion changes, you are significantly reducing your own expenditure and you are consciously being more sustainable with your fashion choices.

With Love,

The Borrowed Collective