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Finding our Sasha Fierce

We are currently living in a society that has never been more depressed. With endless platforms available for us to now consume not only interesting content and  easier and more accessible means of communication but also opening the tempting past time of comparing yourself and life to others. Whether that be a celebrity, social media influencer or your friends. Facebook served us as a gateway drug all those (nearly 10) years ago, making way for an addiction to Twitter, Snapchat and most importantly Instagram.

I’m the first one to guiltily raise my hand when it comes to unconsciously comparing myself to the people I follow on Instagram. Not always for the worst, I find a lot of my inspiration from social media. Not only personally but also for TBC.

But for TBC, we want this to be a place for you to go where you feel safe. Confident. Empowered.

I feel so privileged to be able to offer women the opportunity to have a place where they can afford to wear a designer piece that they have had their hearts set on. A rental may be short term, but your love for one of our brands may start with us and grow into being an item you would like for your own wardrobe long term in the future.

For me, dressing makes me feel empowered. How I am feeling in a certain outfit can make or break my day as silly as it sounds. Lucy at Monday Hustle referred to this feeling today as my “Sasha Fierce” (I’m talking female empowerment of course there would be a Bey reference). If I love what I’m wearing and how I feel in that outfit, I feel good about myself and believe in myself that tiny bit more. If I don’t feel comfortable or hate how I look, it’s going to have an effect on how I portray myself for the rest of the day.

I’m ordinarily not a confident person at all. But TBC has given me the confidence in myself that I hope wearing some of our garments or reading our blog posts may give you. Nothing gives me more inspiration than being with you at try ons and hearing comments about loving your curves, or how good that dress makes you look in comparison to the previous one.

All the support that I receive daily from all of you lovely ladies is right back at you. It’s tough. Life is tough. But it’s also amazing and we all deserve to feel amazing within ourselves.

Lot’s of love,

Ashleigh x

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