UK Bloggers – Our Favourite of 2017

Since I made the little transition from NZ to the UK a little over two months ago, I’ve been on the look for constant inspiration, resulting in a lot of time consuming what I can from the UK Fashion Bloggers. I’m talking endless Instagram scrolling.

One of my first (and still is) girl crushes is Alexa Chung. Coming from lil ol New Zealand, we can be a bit too safe sometimes, but Alexa introduced the romance of pairing a frilly dress with converse or boots. From binge watching her fashion series with British Vogue, I was so intrigued with London fashion and the freedom of having no rules when it comes to style.

Lucy Williams – Fashion Me Now

I’m sure Lucy needs no introduction. She probably takes up most of your Pinterest feed with her travel pictures and her effortlessly cool style. The girl is addicted to denim, layering tee’s under silk cami’s or soft wrap dresses with white sneakers and a basket bag. She could just as well be the face of Realisation Par. Which without a doubt inspired me to purchase the Kate Dress and Alexandra dress for you ladies to be able to feel and look just as good as Lucy. There’s something so similar of New Zealand and Australian style about Lucy that makes her feel familiar. If you’re having a bad wardrobe day, I recommend going to Fashion Me Now for a little inspo into how to reintroduce an old piece into your current wardrobe rotation. Or to pair with your next rental to feel more comfortably chic and casual. I would also DEFINITELY recommend you get on her book club train.

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Jessie Bush – We The People

This one may be a tiny bit biased… this babe is originally from New Zealand. And although she doesn’t seem to be in one place for too long, I’m going to count her towards being a UK Blogger. This second blonde on our list is another clear example of inspiration every girl needs when heading towards her closet. Jessie has the perfect mix of a Copenhagen-like street style minimalist mixed with a little London pop of classic and colour. Her lifestyle, fashion and beauty posts are always a great read – as well as the fact she recently taught us how to style and rock fake cool-girl braids (life saver). This travelling beauty will have you pinning her outfit and planning your next trip abroad.

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Camille Charriere- Camilleovertherainbow

I first came across this Paris born Londoner when I was interning last year at Selfridges Creative Team. Camille is exactly what she sounds like. Effortlessly chic. I fell even more head over heels when I started listening to the podcast she co-hosts with¬†Monica Ainley, Fashion No Filter, where they discuss the behind the scenes of Haute Couture, Fashion Week, what men think about our favourite trends and interview the likes of famous street-style photographers and my favourite, Susan Sarandon. If you ever wanted a little bit of fashion schooling, indulging in clothes talk and an insight into the industry, they’re your gals.

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Liv Purvis – What Olivia Did

Liv is a bit of a recent addition to this group for me. I discovered her through a youtube video she did with Lucy & immediately began following on all platforms. Liv is like the girl you want to be best friends with, sharing wardrobes and forgetting to return your favourite dress of hers. She is extremely relatable and has a youtube channel that the online shopper in me should not go near, for fear we share too much of the same love of & other stories and bath products. Maybe it’s the use of pink & baby blues in her aesthetic on her website but there is something on her blog that will have you consumed down the rabbit hole of reading each and every post.

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