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Do you offer Try-Ons?

Yes we do, for all our Auckland-based customers, you can book one here.

Can I try on more than one dress at my appointment?

Yes of course! You can try on all available dresses, however each try-on appointment is for half an hour so if you feel you need longer than this to try on multiple options, please book two back to back appointments.

Do you offer postal Try-Ons?

We are currently not offering postal try-ons. If you are unsure of the size or fit and live outside of Auckland, we have a backup dress service you can use. Find out why our customers love this and how it works here.

I've booked a try-on and haven't received a confirmation email.

This has likely gone to your spam. If you can’t find it in your junk folder please send us a message. If we aren’t able to confirm your appointment due to timings or the dress being unavailable we will always email you to let you know. 

When I put in the booking date, do I book 2 days prior or for the day of the event?

Book the starting date for the day of your event. If your booking is for a day event, or you are going away the night before, we recommend booking the start date a day earlier and then the end date the next day after your event. If your event falls on a Sunday, please ensure you are booking for the Saturday, as couriers don’t run Sunday. We aim to get rentals to you 1-3 days prior to your event, however in some rare cases the turnaround can be tighter if there were courier delays or late returns. In this case if the dress is sent to you and there is a delay for any reason it means your dress will still definitely arrive to you in time.

If there are any delays we will be in touch with you and keep you in the loop!

My event is on a Friday, but I go away on Thursday night. What day should I book for?

If you need the dress to arrive before you go away, please ensure you book for the day prior – and make sure you book the correct duration so that your end date is the day following your event. This covers you in case the item is late to arrive due to Courier delays, and means you won’t leave before your dress arrives!

Can I please have my dress arrive a few days earlier than my booking date?

We always do our best to get your rental to you as early as possible, however if you want your dress guaranteed to arrive a few days prior please book accordingly by extending your start date to be earlier. While we always want your dress to arrive as early as possible before your event, in circumstances where a piece is booked two weekends in a row, our turnaround time sometimes doesn’t allow us to send pieces off 3-4 days prior. 

If you’d like it earlier, please book a few days prior so that our calendar buffer allows the dress enough time between rentals to be sent early. This is also why it’s crucial that you book for the correct dates for other customer bookings either side of yours. 

Do you ship to Australia?

No. Unfortunately due to tight turnaround times, we cannot ship outside of New Zealand.

I had my dress and dates selected, but when I came back it's saying those dates are now booked. Has someone else booked it? How do I get back?

This usually means that your items are still sitting in your cart. You can always access your cart in the top menu.

Due to high demand, we can only reserve rentals in the cart for 10 minutes before the cart is cleared and items are made available again for the next person.

Do I wash my rental before returning it?

Please do not attempt to wash the rental garment yourself. This is all included in our service. If something has accidentally spilt on your rental, please let us know, so that we know the exact treatment to get this out. We understand accidents happen, so just let us know upon returning. 

I have work on the day that I need to return the dress to the post office. Is it okay if I send it back the day after when I have more time?

Our booking system and next customer relies on you returning your dress on the first business day following your booking end date. Please ensure the dress is returned on the date that is specified on your booking confirmation and the postcard that came with your rental. Otherwise a late fee will be charged. If you’re unable to get to the post office please call 0800COURIER, and the courier can then collect the prepaid bag from your house or workplace. If this isn’t possible please get in touch with us as soon as possible. 

I dropped the dress in a streetbox/at the local supermarket parcel drop on Monday. Why did I get an email saying my return is late?

All postal returns must be handed over the counter at your local post office or collected by Courier Post after a pick up is ordered. If you have dropped the parcel at a dropbox, unfortunately it won’t be scanned which is why we have emailed you to say your return is late – as it’s showing it hasn’t been collected into the system. If the parcel hasn’t been handed directly to NZ Post or Courier Post it won’t be sent back on an overnight service meaning it will be 3-4 days late getting back to us. Please ensure it’s returned correctly for the next customer and to avoid a late fee.

I booked a backup, but my bestie loves one of them! Is it okay to wear both?

Yes of course, however we will require payment for the back up dress less the $15 for the back up service. This is not a problem at all, but we would appreciate it if you let us know before sending the item back! 

I've selected the pickup option for my rental. When and where can I collect it?

We will be in touch with you before your booking date to organise a time and day to collect from our Kingsland studio. Pick ups and drop offs are from Monday to Friday.

If you can’t drop your dress back the following business day of your event please get in touch & we will organise a postal return. This must be on overnight courier so we will be in touch about organising a label for you to print out to send back with!

Do you take bookings over the Christmas and New Years period?

Yes we do. We automatically extend rentals over this time to cover the full holiday period. We generally add these special dates in November each year.

How is each garment's condition rated?

Each of our garments is given a condition rating which can be found in the tabs at the bottom of each product page. Our products are rated as Perfect (as-new condition), Very Good (slight imperfections that are barely noticeable), Good (may have some imperfections or damage) or Loved (some damage, likely one of our older garments). We inspect each garment when it is returned to us, and update our condition tabs regularly with any notes about the condition and/or include photos if a garment has any noticeable damage. Please ensure you check this tab prior to renting so that you are aware of any imperfections the garment may have.

What is your address?

If you have organised a pick up, we will be in touch closer to the time with our address. If you have booked a try-on, our address will be emailed to you in your confirmation email (please ensure you check your spam or junk folders if you have not received this).