1.0 Term of Agreement
1.1 The consignment agreement is effective from the date that the consignor contract is signed and approved by The Borrowed Collective. Consignor contracts are valid for 3-6 months.


2.0 Parties’ Obligations
2.1 The Consignor is obligated to supply and deliver items mutually agreed between both parties. The garments must be supplied dry-cleaned and in the conditions set out in section 3.0.
2.2 The Borrowed Collective reserves the right to return and disapprove any garments that do not meet our outlined requirements.
2.3 The consignee agrees to devote its best efforts in the marketing and rental of their merchandise through www.theborrowedcollective.co.nz. This includes being borrowed by our ambassadors. This will not be paid as a normal rental as they are gifted items but free advertising for you!
2.4 Payments will be made to the Consigner on the first week of each month for garments rented within the month. 


3.0 Conditions of Acceptance
3.1 Items for consignment are only accepted in clean and new or excellent condition and must be less than 18 months old.
3.2 Consignor must disclose if any items have been altered in any way, including but not limited to, sizing smaller or larger, altering appearance in any way, or any changes in trim or hardware prior to acceptance of consignment.
3.3 The Borrowed Collective shall inspect the items for consignment and reserves the right to refuse any items that do not meet our standards or do not meet our requirements. Approved items will be added to The Borrowed Collective’s website (theborrowedcollective.co.nz) following approval and once the consignment contract has been signed.
3.4 The Borrowed Collective reserves the right to return any items to the Consignor that are damaged, stained, or altered after the initial check. The Consignor will be informed of such an event and The Borrowed Collective will return any damaged items to the consignor via post.
3.5 Once the items are with The Borrowed Collective, we shall be responsible for any loss or damage to any garments while under our control.
3.6 In the event that any consigned garment is lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged or unaccounted for due to any cause, known or unknown, while consigned to The Borrowed Collective – these items will be deemed as sold and The Borrowed Collective will compensate the consignor the full amount of the retail price of the garment.
3.7 The consignor acknowledges due to the nature of renting, the garment may be returned with signs of wear if the piece is a popular rental. 


4.0 Property of Items
4.1 The Consignor guarantees that all items given to The Borrowed Collective for rental are lawfully and entirely owned by the Consignor or the Consignor is acting on behalf of a person(s) who has given them authority to rent such items of their behalf.
4.2 All items shall remain the property of The Borrowed Collective until the end of the consignment contract. 


5.0 Authenticity of Merchandise
5.1 The Consignor states that items are authentic and not counterfeit.
5.2 The Consignor acknowledges any label, trademark, logo and/or design are authentic to the designer it represents. The Borrowed Collective reserves the right to return any items found to be non-authentic to the Consignor. 


6.0 Consignment Terms
6.1 The consignment period is as stated in Clause 1(a).
6.2 The Consignor may request an item for their own use, but must notify The Borrowed Collective at least fourteen (14) days before the item is needed. However, should the item already be booked for a rental, The Borrowed Collective has the right to decline the Consignor’s request to have it for their own use / purposes.
6.3 Garments will remain to be for rent on the website for the time period stated in the consignment contract.
6.4 On a 6 month contract, should any item be unrented during the first 3 months of the consignment period, The Borrowed Collective obtains the right to unpublish and return said garments to the Consignor.
6.5 If you would like to request your piece back, we will return it once all future bookings have been fulfilled. If there are upcoming bookings for your piece and you require your item back beforehand, you will need to cover the cost of any refunds so that the future bookings can be cancelled. 


7.0 Pricing
7.1 The items will be rented on the Website at the rental value determined by The Borrowed Collective. The Consignor must also provide the retail price of each piece as sold at the boutique or other stores, or must supply original tags with garment.
7.2 Discounts offered during The Borrowed Collective promotions to the customer will be shared 50:50 between Consignor and The Borrowed Collective.


8.0 Payment
8.1  The consignor will earn 50% of the rental price after shipping and cleaning has been applied. Which shall be paid into the consignor’s nominated bank account in the first week of each month.
8.2 If the garment is booked as part of a back up order, the consignee will receive 25% of the total order amount. If the book up order is two of the consignees’ pieces, 50% will be paid.
8.3 The Consignor is responsible for managing their own accounting and taxation obligations.