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Rental Agreement

These terms and conditions (the “agreement”) are a legal agreement between you and The Borrowed Collective. This agreement contains all the terms and conditions governing the rental of items from The Borrowed Collective via our website.

In consideration of the Rental Price to be paid by you, and the agreements set forth in these Terms and Conditions, The Borrowed Collective agrees to rent you the Item as selected by you subject to the following;

  1. You agree to pay the rental fee and all necessary postage and professional cleaning costs as detailed in your order. Once a rental is confirmed under these Terms and Conditions, through payment by you, you cannot transfer your rental of the item to another date.
  2. If you need to cancel any order, cancellation must be received no later than 24 hours after an order is made on our website. All cancellations will have a $5 admin fee deducted.
  3. Items hired online are at your own risk should they not fit or you change your mind. No refunds will be given in this instance.
  4. Though we try our best to ensure the description and measurements are accurate on each product, these are a guide only.
  5. Our booking system only allows for one booking per order. If you'd like to create more than one booking on separate dates please create a separate order to ensure insurance & shipping is added correctly. 
  6. If you have not paid for insurance at checkout and should the item be returned excessively dirty, have alcohol, fake tan, make up stains, or similar soiling, there will be an extra cleaning charge. This will also apply to small repairs. This will be determined at The Borrowed Collective’s discretion. You agree to not attempt to wash the item, dry clean it or put a hot iron on without consulting with us first. Insurance does not cover alterations that have been done yourself, this includes stitching straps, using safety pins through fabric or hemming a garment. 
  7. Should you fail to return the item or the item is returned in a state where it is unusable you hereby authorize The Borrowed Collective to charge your credit card a charge of 150% of the retail value of the item hired from our website. The charge of 150% of the retail value represents the loss for the value of the item and the anticipated loss of revenue from further rental of the item.
  8. Your item MUST be returned to a post office and sent for next day delivery in the return package provided by 4.00pm the following business day after your rental period ends. Please note, you MUST do this over-the-counter at your local post office and not in a street postal box – as the clearance times for street boxes differ and delay by 5 days. 
  9. If you return the item through a dropbox or send it back with an economy post service, you are liable for any damage. You are also liable if the item is stolen or lost as Courier Post do not cover any parcel sent on this service. If you put the parcel in a drop box you will be charged a late fee for every day it’s not scanned.
  10. The Borrowed Collective is not responsible for the tracking of your item. Please ensure you track this yourself using the link sent to you when your parcel has been collected. You can follow up with Courier Post on 0800COURIER if it looks like there may be a delay with your parcel or you’d like to organise a collection from your local depot.
  11. In cases where the dress is not returned, failure to do so will incur a late fee of $40 for each additional day you retain the Item up to 150% of the retail value of the dress. If the rental garment is not returned to us within 14 days of the initial booked return date, this will be considered a breach of your TBC rental agreement and we will have the right to charge you 150% of the retail value less any late fees already paid.
  12. If the item is not returned within 2 business days following your event, you will be charged the full Rental Fee for another 2 day hire and subsequently 2 day periods following until the item is received by The Borrowed Collective.
  13. We recommend creating an order well in advance of your rental date. Ensuring you book the start date as the date you wish to receive it and the end date as the day following your event.  If you book within 3 business* (4 if you require rural postage) days of your event, please note this is at your own risk as you haven’t allowed enough time to include possible courier delays. If you are booking after 3pm Wednesday for the weekend, you must select Saturday delivery at checkout.
  14. We ship via Courier Post overnight delivery service. You are responsible for tracking your parcel via the link emailed to you once the item has been sent. If you’re concerned about the tracking please ensure you call 0800COURIER. As we have no control over courier delays, this is the quickest way to keep up to date or resolve any issues/organise a possible depot pick up. However, if it does not arrive with you on the date of your booking, a refund (minus shipping) will be given if the booking was created more than 3 business days prior to the event date, notwithstanding clauses 3-7; 9-15. Saturday delivery is at your own risk and we cannot guarantee this will arrive in time. Refunds are not eligible when Saturday delivery is selected. If you are going away and have booked the item to arrive with you before you go away please let us know prior.
  15. If your item does not arrive on the start date you have booked for you qualify for a refund (minus shipping). This is only if the parcel doesn’t arrive on the date of your event, not the time of your event. If your event is during the day, you must book the start date for the day prior. Refunds on failed deliveries will only be available if the booking was created earlier than 3 business days (4 for rural post) prior to the booking date and is returned over the counter at the post office the following business day of arrival. The overnight shipping service is a target not a promise. If you have redirected the parcel to a different address or pick up point, this can add 2-3 days on and will be considered interference to the delivery of the item. Refunds will not be given in this instance.
  16. If you hire a back up order, please ensure you only remove one tag. If you decide to wear both tags, that’s not a problem but you will be charged the full rental cost of both. If you do decide to wear both please let us know.
  17. You agree and acknowledge that you are renting an item for a limited time and that ownership of the item at all times remains with The Borrowed Collective.
  18. You agree to treat the item with great care, as if it was your own. You are responsible for all loss, destruction or damage to the Item from the hire date until it is returned (see clauses 4 & 5 for details of penalties).
  19. If you return the Item in a damaged condition and The Borrowed Collective determines that the item can be repaired you will be liable to pay the cost of repairing the damage. The determination of whether the item can be repaired or whether clause 5 applies is at The Borrowed Collective’s reasonable discretion.
  20. The Borrowed Collective reserves the right to take all steps necessary to collect amounts due from you, including but not limited to legal action and/or using third party collection agencies. The Borrowed Collective reserves the right to correct any errors or mistakes that it makes even if it has already requested or received payment. In instances that we need to collect debt via a third party agency, this will be at your own expense and the commission amount will be added to your invoice.
  21. Any refunds processed will be minus a $5 admin fee deducted to cover shopify processing fees & administration. 
  22. If you lose the return packaging provided to you (the prepaid Courier Post bag), you are solely responsible for the return of the items at your own cost by the expected return date and upon arranging alternative return of the goods you shall provide The Borrowed Collective with a tracking number. This MUST be NZ Post only and must be put with overnight tracking not just tracked, you must ensure there is a yellow overnight courier sticker added by the checkout teller. Other courier companies used or normal tracked parcels may arrive 3-5 days late and therefore will be charged late fees.
  23. For Auckland-only rentals, if you selected ‘pick up’ as your shipping option, you must also drop off the item to the same pick-up location. The pick-up option does not include a return postal bag for this reason. If you need to return via post, you must get in touch with us to print out a return label for you to use.
  24. Upon submitting an order with The Borrowed Collective we agree to deliver the item ordered including the specified size, colour and design, on the date that you have requested delivery, at the address noted in the order. Should you receive an item which does not meet your specified size, colour and design you agree to contact The Borrowed Collective within 24 hours of the date on which you received the products via email or telephone and return the product in the return packaging provided in the order. We will then issue you a credit for the full rental fee and make all reasonable efforts to find a suitable replacement for the goods. The Borrowed Collective take no liability should the goods not fit the customer due to an error in ordering the wrong size.

    Please note that as this is a rental item it may have subtle signs of a bit of love and wear. As it’s not often a brand new unworn piece as you would find in a retail store, please consider there may be the odd little pill or little mark. 

    However we do our best to ensure all items are still presented in beautiful and wearable condition. All garments delivered have been professionally cleaned and are provided to the customer in a ready to wear state. We inspect each item before delivery with the utmost care, and should you receive goods that are in a damaged state, please contact The Borrowed Collective within 24 hours of receipt of the goods.


    * a business day is defined as before 3pm when our courier arrives. Eg: If you booked Monday at 5pm your first business day starts Tuesday. 



    Book the starting date for the day of your event. If your booking is for a day event or you are going away the night before we recommend booking the start date a day earlier and then the end date the next day after your event. We aim to get rentals to you 1-3 days prior to your event however in some rare cases the turnaround can be tighter if there were courier delays or late returns. In this case, if the dress is sent to you and there is a delay for any reason it means your dress will still definitely arrive to you in time. If there are any delays we will be in touch with you and keep you in the loop! There are also options for Saturday and same day delivery (Auckland only) at checkout.


    For Aucklanders, we offer same day delivery on bookings made prior to 3pm and for non-rural addresses. If you wish to book for the same day, in our calendar, book for the next day but at checkout select same day delivery. Same day deliveries are sent out within 3 hours, and you’ll be contacted with a tracking number once this has been picked up by the courier.


    If you need the dress to arrive before you go away, please ensure you book the day prior until the day following your event. This covers you in case the item is late to arrive due to Courier delay and means you won’t leave before your dress arrives! In the case above, please ensure your start date is Thursday – Saturday. It will then need to be returned the following business day (Monday or Tuesday if it’s a long weekend).


    This will be because it’s now sitting in your cart.

    If you have left the browser or switched from phone to desktop or vice versa, you’ll need to wait a few minutes for it to automatically clear from your cart as it will be saving it for you in the original session. If for some reason it doesn’t clear after ten minutes please get in touch with us and we can clear the cart for you so you can book!


    There are a few factors that could cause this. Please ensure that the piece that you are trying to book is available for your selected date. You can find what this looks like on our how it works page, which explains how our booking calendar works. Once you have selected your dates, it’s important that you wait a few seconds for the cost to pop up under the calendar before clicking the book now button. At checkout, please ensure that you have clicked yes or no to the backup option questions. At the bottom of the page just before checkout, you need to click that you agree to all the Terms and Conditions before it will let you proceed to the next page.


    We always do our best to get your rental to you as early as possible, however if you want your dress guaranteed to arrive a few days prior please book accordingly by extending your start date to be earlier. While we always want your dress to arrive as early as possible before your event, in circumstances where a piece is booked two weekends in a row our turnaround time sometimes doesn’t allow us to send pieces off 3-4 days prior. If you’d like it earlier, please book a few days prior so that our calendar buffer allows the dress enough time between rentals to be sent early. This is also why it’s crucial that you book for the correct dates for other customer bookings either side of yours.

    For more of our frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ page.